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All of the artists listed here have made significant contributions to Big O fandom. Most also have some great pieces involving other anime shows and non-anime topics, too.

Beth McBeth. Beth uses different media, including several sidewalk chalk drawings of Big O characters. She has comic pages and serious character studies. Roger/Dorothy pictures, plus other characters (including chalk portraits of Schwarzwald and R.D!). Beth also has a page on

Crystalline. Crystalline is a very prolific artist who has drawn some Big O pictures: Roger, Dorothy, Angel, and even some of Dori, Dorothy's twin sister from my fanfiction.

Tifaria. Tifaria has drawn many Big-O-themed pieces, generally in color. Themes include Roger and Dorothy, the human Dorothy, Alan Gabriel, Dori, and Angel.

Big O Art Sites The fan art image galleries at are quite good.

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