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Android hentai: R. Dorothy in black stockings, showing her panties
NEW! "Kneesox:" Become one of the few to enjoy this rare doujin, where you'll watch Dorothy become Soldano's empassioned sex toy in one story and see Roger seduce her in another.
Teen android R. Dorothy Wayneright being fucked
NEW! "Shuunanacho Tofu:" This hilarious crossover doujinshi will crack you up. Featuring Roger, R. Dorothy, and Nabeshin from Excel Saga!
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Big O Android R. Dorothy Wayneright getting sex from behind, hair pulled is the only all-Big-O hentai site anywhere. Because you love good hentai, I've scoured the Internet for all the R. Dorothy hentai there are, so you can enjoy her right now. R. Dorothy Wayneright is an android, and we all know, coupled with her superhuman body, she is deeply passionate, and the coldness on the surface conceals her true nature, deep inside. You can feel the desire, feel the yearning, knowing that, once things get started, her programming won't let her stop, and she'll take you to the limit of her superhuman strength. What are you waiting for?

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Foxeye/Ennui, Big O Hentai with Android Dorothy and Roger Smith
"Foxeye/Ennui": Dorothy takes charge and gives her man an unforgettable experience in this Roger/Dorothy hentai!
Dorothy on Piano, R Dorothy strips

NEW! "Dorothy on piano": A Flash animation of our favorite android taking her clothes off just for you!
Memory Within a Memory: Big O android hentai with R. Dorothy Wayneright
"Memory Within a Memory": Page 1 starts with you in her mouth, and it just gets better and better!

Big O android bondage rape hentai doujinshi: R. Dorothy Wayneright strapped to table
"My Fair Lady": Beck captures and reprograms R. Dorothy, then invites everyone to join him in an orgy. Don't miss it!

Adult Swim Big O Hentai: Nude R. Dorothy Wayneright "Robomusume": Several hot Roger/Dorothy hentai stories will send you reeling. Woo-hoo!
Big O Hentai: Naked R. Dorothy Wayneright on top of Roger
R Dorothy Porn: Roger Smith and R. Dorothy Wayneright bathing
"Piano Lesson": Funny hentai stories with Roger and Dorothy. Adult-themed, but most of the sex is implied. Still hot, though!
Adult Swim Big O Hentai
"Big O": A funny R. Dorothy hentai with the Negotiator and his android assistant!
Big O incest hentai: Dorothy propositioned by Soldano "Doroshii-chan no Osigoto": Watch the human Dorothy in surprising encounters with Soldano and Timothy Wayneright!

Hot Android Hentai With R. Dorothy Wayneright from "The Big O"

Just what every healthy Big O fan desires — R. Dorothy anime sex galleries and doujinshi where you'll be coming aware that R. Dorothy isn't an android with rock-hard skin: she was built ready for sex, needing it so much. Supernatural desire, impossible to resist. Android sex is unstoppable. You want it now, so sign up now and come over to the android side!

Plenty of the Paradigm City characters appear, and they behave very badly indeed: Roger, Dorothy, Beck, Angel, Soldano, Timothy Wayneright, and more. All of the doujinshi involve you in sex with R. Dorothy Wayneright. Android hentai! Woo-hoo!

Most of the doujinshi are Roger x Dorothy hentai. Two are Beck x Dorothy. (It grieves me to report that there isn't really any hot action centering around Angel or Alan Gabriel. I know some fangirls who drool heavily over Alan. I personally would love some Dorothy x Angel action.)

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