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Anime Merchandise for "The Big O": DVDs, CDs, Manga, Toys

Dagon during his fight with Big O

I'm in the process of listing all the Big O merchandise that I know of. When possible, I also give links to, which is where I buy most of my stuff. I've also heard a lot of good things about Anime Nation, which has a very complete line of Big O stuff; much more complete than any of the general-interest stores.

Big O Anime DVDs

You should run right out and buy the DVDs. Really! They're great! Links to, are given below. If you see a generic ad, they're probably out of stock on one of the items. Try one of the other online sellers (like Anime Nation or one of the ever-changing Google ads at the top of the page).

I've listed the boxed set for Season 1, the new boxed set of Season 2, and the individual Season 2 CDs.

Big O Soundtrack CDs (OST)

While I'm listing things, I might as well list the soundtrack CD's. I love and recommend the first one. I don't have the second one yet.

Big O Manga in English

The manga are published by Viz. They're quite a bit different from the show. Some people like them a lot.

Big O Art Book

I love the art book, even though I can't read the Japanese text. Most of the headings are in English, though, and the art is superb.

Big O Toys and Action Figures

There are some cool Big O Figurines.

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